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Limington Zoning Ordinance
Article III
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3.1   Official Zoning Map.

Districts are located and bounded as shown on the Official Zoning Map which is a made a part of this ordinance. There may for purpose of clarity, necessitated by reasons of scale on the map, be more than one Official Zoning Map. The Shoreland, Aquifer Protection, and Endangered Species and Critical Areas Zone boundaries are determined by the terms of the sections creating those districts, and any delineation of them on the Official Zoning Map shall be for reference only and shall not supersede or modify such boundaries as created in those sections.

3.2   Certification of Zoning Map.

The Official Zoning Map is certified by the attested signature of the Town Clerk under the following words: "This is the Official Zoning Map referred to in Section 3.2 of the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Limington," together with the date of the adoption of this ordinance. The official copy shall be located in the office of the Town Clerk.

3.3   Changes of the Official Zoning Map.

If changes are made in the district boundaries or other matter portrayed on the Official Zoning Map such changes shall be made on the Official Zoning Map within 14 days after the amendment has been adopted together with an entry on the Official Zoning Map as follows:

" On (insert date) by official action of the Town, the following change(s)was (were) made: (insert brief description of the nature of change)." Immediately beneath the entry the Town Clerk shall place his or her signature.

3.4   Replacement of Official Zoning Map.

In the event that the Official Zoning Map becomes damaged, destroyed, lost or difficult to interpret because of the nature or number of changes and additions the legislative body shall adopt a new Official Zoning Map.

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