Statements of the Candidates
Limington Maine
Annual Town Meeting, March 2nd, 2001

      Space has been provided here for each of the candidates to make a brief statement.  All candidates on the ballot were invited to submit their comments and picture.  Each candidate was given a stamped, addressed envelope for his or her response.

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Candidates for Selectmen   Robert Cyr
  Dennis Doughty
  Kathleen Maddocks
  Michael York, Sr.
Candidates for Planning Board   Stanley Blake, Jr.
  Ronald Perkins
  Kreg Rose
  Wendy Walker
Candidate for Road Commissioner   Calvin Lewis
Candidate for Town Clerk,
Treasurer, and Tax Collector
  Patricia Ramsdell
Candidate for Trustee to
Davis Memorial Library
  Grace Davis
Candidate for Director to
MSAD #6 School Board
  Laurie Allen

Dennis Doughty, Candidate for Selectman
Dennis Doughty
Dennis Doughty

      I decided to run for Selectman to "Open up town government".  For too many years, going to the Town Hall to meet with the Selectmen has been intimidating.  This needs to change.  A Selectman needs to be responsive to resident's needs and desires.

      As Selectman, I would invite and encourage residents, property owners, and business people to come to Town Hall with comments and concerns.  I would try to make people comfortable regardless of their views.

      My plans when elected would be to move the Selectmen's meetings to the large meeting room.  I would encourage the recording of the meetings.  I would prepare an agenda so persons wishing to present something to the Selectmen would know when they will be heard.  This agenda would be put on the Town of Limington's web site as well as posted in various places around town.  I would compile and post complete meeting minutes so people can see what was discussed and what the outcomes were.  (Confidentiality for those seeking assistance would be preserved.)  I would find ways to encourage more participation in matters affecting the town.  Possible ways include increased use of the internet, a telephone call-in line dedicated to comments, a regular newsletter, and old fashioned personal, face to face contact.

      My background includes: past president and treasurer of York County Cooperative Extension, Limington Moy Mo Da Yo committee, Limington Youth League coach, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), small business owner, parent, husband, farmer.  These have allowed me to become familiar with budgets, personnel issues, running effective meetings, dealing with regulatory agencies, maintenance issues, cost containment, licenses, etc.

      I would enjoy serving you as Selectman and hope you will vote on March 2, for a person who wants Limington to remain the best place to live in Maine.

Dennis Doughty

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Kathleen Maddocks, Candidate for Selectman
Kathy Maddocks
Kathy Maddocks

      I have lived in Limington all my life, my family being direct descendents of Francis Small.  I am a legal assistant at an old established law firm and have three college age children.

      It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the public for the past six years, and something which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.  I decided to run for reelection because of the extensive amount of knowledge that I have gained concerning municipal operations and the numerous contacts and working relationships that I have established with local and state agencies.  I believe the experience and knowledge that I have to offer the Town of Limington is something that should not be wasted, but something that should be brought back to the Board of Selectmen in 2001.

      Throughout the years I have worked diligently to keep our residential taxes down, while still providing services for the people of Limington.  I have accomplished this by going after funds that the Town was entitled to receive, such as:

      1)   Convincing the State of Maine in 1995 to return to Limington the tree growth revenue that it was entitled to receive; amounting to over $10,000 in revenue;

      2)   Changing the Town's simple non-interest bearing checking account in 1997 to an interest-bearing sweep account, earning interest on a daily basis (in 2000 that interest revenue amounted to over $16,000);

      3)   Obtaining landfill closure remediation funds from the Maine DEP in 1997 that the Town was entitled to, but had never applied for in the late 1980's; remediation funds amounting to over $47,000 in revenue to our Town;

      4)   Preparing a mountain of paperwork for the 1998 Ice Storm to ensure that Limington would receive FEMA funds that it was entitled to; amounting to over $77,000 in revenue to our Town;

      5)   Working closely with the Board to keep Town expenditures and taxes down, the result of this effort being that the Town has not borrowed or paid interest on any operating funds since 1997.

      I will continue to work conscientiously to keep our real estate taxes as low as humanly possible and still provide our citizens with the services they want and need.

      The Selectmen's meetings are held in an open forum and are now being videotaped for airing on the Area Public Access channel.  These meetings are open to the public and one does not need to make an appointment or become an "agenda item" in order to meet with their Selectmen.  An individual can simply come to a meeting any time convenient to them and discuss any issue of concern with the Selectmen.  Whenever confidentiality assistance arises, that confidentiality is always protected and handled an appropriate manner.  I will continue to listen and be responsive to issues and concerns that are important to the citizens of Limington.

      I would enjoy serving as your Selectmen again in 2001.  Vote on March 2 to return experience and knowledge to our Town government.  (Absentee ballots are available for anyone who is unable vote on March 2.)

Kathy Maddocks

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Ronald Perkins, Candidate for Planning Board
Ron Perkins
Ron Perkins

      I would look forward to representing Limington in its decision making process by remaining on the planning board.  We have come a long way, but, there are more issues that need to be addressed.  I would like to see us reach the goals that have been laid out for us in our comprehensive plan.  I believe, very strongly, that they are achievable, and I know if we work together they will be.  I would like to see us improve our services to the community.  I would also like to encourage low impact businesses to come to Limington.  This would make doing everyday business much more accessible for Limington residents.  We all should be very proud of our town and we all should strive to make it that much better.  I am looking forward to seeing you at the polls.

Ron Perkins

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Kreg Rose, Candidate for Planning Board
Kreg Rose
Kreg Rose

      This past year was an education for me on the planning board and an experience that I would like to continue.  I volunteered to be an alternate during last years town meeting.  Within a month or so of accepting that position I was appointed a full member.  A few weeks later, as junior member, I was unanimously voted in as vice-chairman (no one else wanted it).

      One thing I will do if elected to the board is obtain copies of the town maps that are cited in the Zoning Ordinance.  I think seeing the whole picture would simplify the decision process and help the group to understand the implications of a project.  I have talked to members of other town’s planning boards and find it very helpful to see how they do things.  If elected, I will attend some of the surrounding towns planning board meetings and will encourage other members to do so also.  We have had some very effective meetings this past year, however there are always ways to make the process better.

      In all of the decisions I make, I try to do what's best for our town.  I believe that as a planning board member it is very important to uphold the rights of property owners.  I believe we are all stewards of the land and I value the opportunity to do what I can to keep this a great place to live.  I also believe in a citizen's right to know how and why we make the decisions we make.

      I look forward to serving the town of Limington in the future.

      Please remember to vote on Friday, March 2.

Kreg Rose

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Grace Davis, Candidate for Trustee to the Davis Memorial Library
Grace Davis
Grace Davis

      My name is Grace Davis and I teach 8th grade math and social studies at Bonny Eagle Middle School.  Although not a "native", I have lived in Limington for eighteen and a half years and consider it my home.

      I am running for library trustee because I love libraries and specifically the Davis Memorial Library as my local library.

      I believe the library is an integral part of our community.  It provides a place to research, a haven for book lovers, and a place for people to gather.  This includes story hour for preschoolers, friends of the library, book discussion group, and others.  It provides reading challenges for our children and ourselves in the Summer.

      As the town grows, I feel it is vital for the town library to keep pace as we look to the future.  Our resources include books, tapes, videos, and a computer available to the public.  The library provides something for everyone, and space needs to be available to meet those needs.  As we look to responsibly expand the facilities, I would like to be a part of the process that makes our library ready to meet our needs as we prepare for our future.

Grace Davis

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A copy of the following letter, accompanied by an addressed stamped envelope, was sent to each of the candidates for office:

Dick Jarrett
280 Tucker Road
Limington, ME 04049

February 11, 2001

Candidate's Name
Candidate's Address
Limington, ME 04049

Dear Xxxx,

      As a public service, I would like to post statements from each of the candidates running for Limington municipal offices on  I am sure that you will agree that the more information that the voters have, the better the decision they will be able to make on their March 2nd ballots.  In addition, and in any case, it may help to let the people of Limington to get to know you better so that you will be able to do a better job after you are elected.

      Would you be so kind as to jot down a few sentences or paragraphs on why you are running for office and, if elected, what accomplishments you hope to achieve to make Limington a better place? (i.e., a "Statement of the Candidate".)  There is of course no cost to you (other than your time!)

      I would also like to post a picture of each of the candidates.  Many times people know someone by sight but not by name or visa-versa.  If you could send me a photo (color preferred), I can scan it in and return the original to you.  I can also crop and/or blow up a photo as appropriate if you do not have an actual portrait photo.

      I have enclosed an addressed stamped envelope for your convenience.  If you prefer, you could email a response and/or picture to me at

Thank you very much,
Dick Jarrett

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